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Dirty Soul

Down and Dirty. All about the Soul.

Swampy-Funk, Rhythm and Bluesy-Soul

Who, We. Are.

The formation of Dirty Soul was Kismet.  A reluctant acceptance of an invite, a basement jam on a 25-acre farm, and the convergence of two voices sealed the fate.

There's something magic that happens when seasoned musicians get together to form a sound none of them has found before; an energy; a spark; a vibe; a groove.

Dirty Soul is defined by the powerful, vocal duo of Michael Feldman and Tish Martinez. The funky originals and unique covers are held together by a precision rhythm section and killer keys and guitar. It is electric. It is high energy. It is the sound of your soul grabbing onto life.

The Back Story 

Michael Feldman brought original music, backed by his passionate, emotive voice and guitar. He met David Norod and Gary Dougman who formed the core rhythm section. Tish Martinez, through random chance and divine intervention wound up on stage one evening, and the match was lit. Every person in the room felt something. There is something electric about the way their voices dance together. Dave Gorozdos joined on keys and vocals as did guitarist and vocalist, John Vengrouskie. That's when Dirty Soul exploded.   

Performing together across the Mid-Atlantic since 2017, the experience is all about feel. Funk, blues, New Orleans soul found a melting pot and has become the bands signature sound; Swampy Funk, Rhythm and Bluesy-Soul; our own unique flavor.  

Our Sound. Our Vibe. Our Soul.

Dirty Soul is a unique combination of vintage southern soul, swampy rhythm and blues, and powerful vocals. Swinging from harmonized guitar leads to blistering solos; organ swells to down-home blues, all with a freight-train rhythm section. It is a modern-soul sound that draws you in and keeps you dancing all night. A stew of flavors that never tires and keeps you wanting more. 

The experience is part revival, part soul-shaking juke joint sweat-inducing feel-good freedom where everyone is elevated to become one with the music, one with the band. One energy that continues to grow with each new festival, tavern, or showcase. And they're just getting started. The energy level is high and you will go home, fulfilled and exhausted, knowing you just experienced one of the best bands in the DC Metro Area. If you aren't afraid to shake up your expectations, come on out and join us on a musical adventure.

Who knows where the road will take us! 

Dirty Soul Live

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Authentic. Gritty. Soul.

Authentic Gritty Soul

Dirty Soul

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