Dirty Soul

Down and Dirty. All about the Soul.

Jazz, Funk, Rhythm, and Bluesy Soul

The formation of Dirty Soul was kismet. Performing together in the Washington D.C. metro since 2017, our band is all about feel good soul played in our own unique style. We reach people who appreciate great music and want to share our sweaty, funky, freeing soul--and just in case you are wondering, we are definitely not a cover band. Dirty Soul is like Bonnie Raitt, The Foo Fighters, Ella Fitzgerald, The Allman Brothers, and Susan Tedeschi got together and had a really wild party. Think stanky funk meets bluesy soul. We bring the sweaty, low-down heavy funk and soul your body craves. Our intoxicating sound features the powerful vocal talents of Tish Martinez and Michael Feldman, and the funky rhythm section of Gary Doughman and David Norod. Guitarist John Vengrouskie along with keyboardist Dave Gorozdos bring their exceptional talent and vocals to the mix gluing the notes together with nuances that will stick in your mind for time to come. Our band also features an amazing cavalcade of special guests ensuring the energy level is high and you will go home knowing you just heard one of the best bands in the DC Metro Area. If you like to move and groove, and aren't afraid of a good time, come on out and join us on a musical adventure.

dirty soul
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Authentic. Gritty. Soul.

Authentic Gritty Soul

Dirty Soul