Gary Doughman: The Extended Cut

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Gary Doughman

I started my music journey in Weisbaden Germany in 1964. I actually started on guitar in Germany and then after laying eyes on a Red Sparkle Ludwig set that was the end of the guitar as my main focus.  I’m a military brat as my dad was a career Air Force Officer. My older brother was the musician--a guitarist playing mostly surf and contemporary music in the ‘60s. He had a couple bands before I joined him in my first band. Later on we were stationed In Arlington, VA in 1965. After playing in my first band in 1968 I played many styles of music of the day--anything from Bubble Gum Pop to Progressive Rock in the early ‘70s. Then came Fusion Jazz in 1973 and that changed my style and sound completely.


My first professional paying gig was in 1977 with an average local group that didn’t last. I started my professional drumming in 1978 and have played every style in various groups since. My technical development didn’t start until my late teens studying with different teachers anywhere from one lesson to three years and everything in between. On top of playing drums I never stopped playing guitar and added bass playing early in my life. I play both quite a bit with bass as a side professional venture.


Much later I met Michael Feldman at one of his gigs and struck an instant dialogue musically. Much to my surprise he knew some of the musicians I knew locally. This struck up a friendship and musical continuation of our musical chemistry. This led to the formation of Dirty Soul through the introduction of folks from my side of the woods. Plus David Norod and I go back some 45 years and played music together though most of the ‘80s and ‘90s. I met Tish Martinez around 2014 and then met John V shortly thereafter and here we are playing together in Dirty Soul.