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Tish Martinez: The Extended Cut

Tish Martinez dirty soul
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Tish Martinez

Tish sat down at a keyboard at the age of 12 and this marked the beginning of a long love affair. She continued displaying that love by becoming the keyboardist and vocals for the Crofton based band Witness for 8 years. She then moved into the blues genre after a friend invited her to an open mic and had her sing Stormy Monday.  Embracing this blues awakening, she and keyboard player Mark Chapin formed the band Karma Blue along with drummer Lou Frisino. 

One of her most profound experiences with music came when she and Don Lam Minor formed the Indie Folk group Lilly & Mudd.  She wrote most of the songs that the group performed with an accompaniment of Resonator, stand-up bass, fiddle, percussion and an occasional banjo. The group graced the Annapolis area with its sultry and often foot stomping originals on many stages such 49 West Wine Bar, First Sundays in Annapolis and The Annapolis Craft Beer Festival to name a few.

Lilly & Mudd closed its doors to performances when Don Lam Minor retired from music. It is then that Tish met John Vengrouskie and they merged their music into The RagingImmortals which became a mixture of eclectic covers and Tish’s originals that were skillfully arranged by John. The music was not quite the average set of music. Alt Country by the likes of Rodney Crowell and Lucinda Williams, some dance music to appease the bus that pulled up at the bar, blues of course, and folky tunes that would stir your emotions.

Then one day, as life was making it’s unexpected twists and turns, Gary Doughman invited Tish to a jam. She hesitated, finally agreed, and what happened after that was magical.  It was that night that she met the lead guitarist and vocalist of what was to become Dirty Soul - Michael Feldman who as he began singing a song, Tish joined in on and well that’s all she wrote. Dirty Soul was born, and what a hell of a soul it is.

In her storied career Tish has performed at such venues as the Greenbelt Blues Festival, Annapolis Craft beer and Music Festival, Ramshead on Stage with the Ruby Slipper Concert and the ‘In the Vane of CSNY’, Annapolis Concert Series on the Dock, Annapolis First Sunday, and Galway Bay. She has also highlighted her story telling originals in shows at ‘Annapolis’s Living Room’ the 49 West Wine Bar. She continues a few times a year to perform with the Danish artist Ray Weaver when he is in town and occasionally sings with Capital Blues Ensemble.

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