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Dirty Soul

The formation of Dirty Soul was fate. How they got together? By happenstance, Michael Feldman and Tish Martinez we're at a friendly gathering and by random chance wound up on stage together. There were maybe 15 to 20 people in the room and everyone felt something. There was just something cool about the way their voices worked together. They didn’t know each other but it was just right and it kind of clicked. The rest is history. Performing together in the Washington D.C. metro since 2017, our band is all about feel good soul played in our own unique style. We reach people who appreciate great music and want to share our sweaty, funky, freeing soul--and just in case you are wondering, we are definitely not a cover band. Dirty Soul is a unique combination of vintage southern soul, swampy rhythm and blues, powerful vocals, legendary guitar riffs, and precision rhythm. Think funky bluesy soul. We bring the sweaty, low-down heavy funk and soul your body craves. Music is in our soul. Our intoxicating sound features the powerful vocal talents of Tish Martinez and Michael Feldman, and the funky rhythm section of David Norod and Adam Mason. Guitarist John Vengrouskie along with keyboardist Dave Gorozdos bring their exceptional talent and vocals to keep the crowd moving and grooving. Our fans aren't afraid of a good time! Our band also features an amazing cavalcade of special guests ensuring the energy level is high and you will go home knowing you just heard one of the best bands in the DC Metro Area. If you like to move and groove, and aren't afraid of a good time, come on out and join us on a musical adventure. Where you'll find us? Local venues, bars, taverns, dives, breweries, distilleries and more!

michael feldman dirty soul

Michael Feldman

Michael Feldman has been a working musician in the DC metro area for 20 years, playing with bands such as The Huge, The Other Side, Band Of Blue, and numerous other groups. He has been featured on over twenty different albums with multiple television and movie credits to his name. Michael recently recorded a new album of original music with Eric Scott, Andy Hamburger, and Jeffrey “The Midnight Cowboy” Quattro that will be released later this year. Michael has written or co-written over 70 original songs and performed all over the country to include locations like: The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (3rd place out of 100 bands and performed twice in the rock hall), SXSW, The State Theater, The Cow Palace, and countless events, bars and parties. He has won multiple WAMMIE awards as a member of The Huge and has been a featured artists opening up for Everclear and other national and international acts.

tish martinez.jpg

Tish Martinez

Tish’s bluesy, passionate vocals have been lead in such bands as Lilly & Mudd, Naked Lunch, Karma Blue, TJShaw and RagingImmortals all out of the Annapolis area. Lilly & Mudd began the development of her original music backed by alternate percussion and resonator. She moved into the electric realm with TJShaw and RagingImmortals. She is a frequent guest artist with the DC blues band Capital Blues Ensemble and she accompanies singer/songwriter Ray Weaver on his U.S. tours as back vocalist. In her storied career Tish has also performed at such venues as the Greenbelt Blues Festival, Annapolis Craft beer and Music Festival, Ramshead on Stage with the Ruby Slipper Concert and the ‘In the Vane of CSNY’, Annapolis Concert Series on the Dock, Annapolis First Sunday, and Galway Bay. She has also highlighted her story telling originals in shows at ‘Annapolis’s Living Room’ the 49 West Wine Bar.

david norod dirty soul

David Norod

Having played the electric bass guitar for over five decades, David was featured on upstate New York recording artist Tom Lucas’ critically acclaimed “Lifeboats” and “Rock Psalter” albums and has been played in Metro area bands such as The Brad Smiley Band and Mixed Company since 1974. Fast forward to the present day; in addition to Dirty Soul, I am a member of the Jeff Carmella Band, a jump-swing boogie band as well as The Greg Meyer Project, an R&B, funk, rock and jazz combo. And I am still playing the same 1964 Fender Jazz bass I purchased way back in 1969.

John Vengrouskie.jpg

John Vengrouskie

Coming soon.

Dave Gorozdos dirty soul

David Gorozdos

David Gorozdos was ready to launch head first into a musical career from the minute his parents bought his first accordion at age 5.  Classical studies on piano began shortly after that, and by the time Dave was 12, he was playing in public. Enjoying the improvisational freedom of blues, rock, country, R&B, jazz and reggae, Dave has grown as both a performer and a composer. Recent studio work includes Carly Harvey's Kiss and Ride, Rickshaw Lizard, The Stewart Walden Group, Retro Deluxe, Blues Condition, The Big Wide Open, and The Joy B Band. Dave has shared the stage with local favorites such as Ronnie Dove, Jonny and the Stingrays, The Joy B Band, and Exit 10.  He currently performs with several area groups including The Capital Blues Ensemble, Detour, Dirty Soul, Carly Harvey's Kiss and Ride, D'Vibe & Conga, The Creekside Jam Band Fast Eddie & the Slowpokes, Drawn This Way and Rumpus.

Adam Mason_Dirty Soul (1).png

Adam Mason

Coming soon.


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